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Develop ideas & promote innovations within our workshops with students

What do our workshops offer? During our workshops, innovative ideas are developed for your products and services of the future.


  • Promote innovations
  • Idea generation for new products and services
  • Increase innovation speed
  • Open up new markets


  • During the two- to five-day workshops, we jointly develop ideas for new products and services and draw up an initial outline for their business model innovation.
  • We provide you with the knowledge and the necessary methods to generate new ideas in your company and to promote innovative, entrepreneurial thinking in the long term.
  • Intensive training in agile innovation methodology, presentation techniques, and business model development.

Our offers

Innovation BootcampsHide

What do the Innovation Bootcamps offer?

A different perspective and learning from each other: In our Innovation Bootcamps, we bring students together with your employees and develop joint creative ideas for the innovative future of your company!


  • During the two-day workshop, you will explore new business opportunities together in interdisciplinary teams.
  • We provide your employees with evidence-based and intensive training in innovation methods, presentation techniques and business model development.
Radical Innovation SprintHide

What do the Radical Innovation Sprints offer?

Interdisciplinary student teams develop solutions for your current business problem. The goal is to develop innovative ideas together and thus drive your company forward.


  • During the 5-day workshop, intensive work is done on generating ideas for solutions to a current business problem
  • Your company gains insights into the latest scientific findings and benefits from the "breath of fresh air" that the students bring with them.

Workshop procedure

  • 5 days to develop innovative business model innovations
  • Expert inputs and coaching
  • Idea generation methodologies
  • final pitch with enthusiastic representatives of your company
Validation SprintHide

What do the Validation Sprints offer?

Interdisciplinary student teams develop solutions for your current business challenge or business issue. These solutions are validated and tested in order to draw conclusions about the likelihood of success.


In a two-day workshop, student teams develop innovative solutions under the guidance of expert coaches, which are subsequently validated in an enabling phase. In addition to generating business ideas, a detailed validation and testing phase is included to further qualify the idea up to market maturity.


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Leonie Gärtner

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