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We, the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, are your contact for all questions and concerns in the field of business model innovation, intra- and entrepreneurship, as well as innovation management.

  • Would you like to make the best possible use of the innovation potential in your company? Together with you, we can develop innovation management tailored to you and your needs.
  • You want to open up new business areas and/or new customer segments? We can accompany your innovation project with our experts, show you new perspectives and approaches, and help you with the realization and implementation
Project developmentHide

Do you need support in setting up a targeted (innovation) project?

We support you in the following topics, among others:

  • Clarification of the specific question and problem. Creation of a common understanding of the project to be worked on.
  • Development of a concrete concept for project implementation
  • Timeline
  • Use of resources
  • Resource requirements
  • Work package definition
  • Meeting resource needs, e.g., by providing experts in specific areas of expertise
  • Determining the status quo in your company with regard to your question/problem
Project ImplementationHide

Do you need support with the implementation of your projects or with sub-projects and work packages?

Among other things, we can support you in the successful implementation of your existing or planned innovation and intrapreneurship (sub-)projects in close collaboration with our cooperation partners:

  • Operational implementation of individual work packages
  • Evaluation of product and service ideas with regard to customer fit, market potential, competition, and alternatives
  • Market research
  • Customer and competitor analyses
  • Profitability calculations
  • Risk Assessments
Project supportHide

You need some fresh thinking, a second opinion, or simply an independent/ unbiased neutral authority when working on an (innovation) project or question?

We support you in the following topics, among others, for the successful implementation of your innovation and/or intrapreneurship project:

  • Moderation of workshops, working groups, discussion rounds and working meetings
  • Benchmarking and evaluation of work results, calculations and assessments
  • Transmission of ideas and findings from science and research
Project managementHide

Do you need support in controlling, coordinating and/or documenting your project?

We support you in the following topics, among others:

  • Takeover of project management
  • Support in planning and structuring the individual work packages and milestones
  • Follow-up of the project plan with regard to deadlines, resources and quality
  • Documentation of results and transfer into project reports/white papers
  • Project controlling: cost and budget control and monitoring


Dr. Petra Beermann

Director for Transfer & Innovation

Dr. Petra Beermann

Phone:: 0921 / 55-4720
E-Mail: Petra.Beermann@uni-bayreuth.de
Office: Zapf 1, Room 1.2.15

Bild David Eder

Transfer & Innovation Manager

David Eder

Phone:: 0921 / 55-4726
E-Mail: david.eder@uni-bayreuth.de
Office: Zapf 1, Room 1.2.19

Webmaster: Dr. Petra Beermann, Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Isidor, Prof. Dr. Matthias Baum

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