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Supplementary programme in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

As of Winter Semester 2021/2022, we offer the supplementary programme "Entrepreneurship & Innovation" at the University of Bayreuth. The aim is to offer a structured opportunity for students of all faculties to build up competencies in the field of entrepreneurship. Students are thus given the opportunity to deal with entrepreneurial thinking and action and to train corresponding key skills.

The newly created supplementary programme is offered by the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the University of Bayreuth and can be completed parallel to one’s primary study programme. Upon successful completion, graduates receive a graded certificate confirming their acquired skills in the field of entrepreneurship, start-up and innovation.

The number of credit points (LP) to be acquired is 30 according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). These are divided into a basic module (6 points), a project module (6 points) and an elective module (18 points). Most modules are offered in German, and they are graded.

Structure of the supplementary programme Entrepreneurship & Innovation:

Basic moduleHide

The English-taught master's module Principles of Entrepreneurship is offered as a basic module every semester.

Information on the Principles of Entrepreneurship module can be found in the module handbook for the master's programme in Business Administration (M. Sc.).

Project moduleHide

The project module enables students to deepen and expand the basic competencies they have acquired and to apply them themselves. Various courses (including the master's module Start-up Practice), as well as the start-up semester, can be credited as project modules. In the latter case, a supervisor must be appointed before the start-up semester is completed and performance targets must be defined with this supervisor. These targets will be graded after the start-up semester.

Information on the Start-up Practice module can be found in the module handbook for the master's programme in Business Administration (M. Sc.).

Elective areaHide

The elective area of the supplementary programme Entrepreneurship & Innovation comprises a total of 18 credits.
For the elective area, students can choose from a variety of different modules that allow them to deepen specific aspects from the areas of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and to expand their accumulated knowledge.

Elective Modules:



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