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About us

The institute focuses on the areas of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and innovation. From basic research to application-oriented tasks, everything we do revolves around these forward-thinking topics. We always work in a way that is evidence-based, transfer-oriented, cooperative, and action-oriented. In this way, we create a symbiosis of the core areas of research, education, and transfer.


We conduct empirically sound research in the field of E&I and back up our findings with provable studies. It is important to us that our research results find areas of application. That is why, in addition to basic research, practice-oriented research of trends in cooperation with (regional) companies is a high priority. We have a strong network in all research areas and offer space for active exchange of knowledge and needs within our institute community.


Our focus is to convey current and evidence-based science in practice-oriented courses, whereby the institute teaches crucial and future-oriented start-up and innovation skills. We encourage students to actively apply this knowledge by also involving external partners in our courses - including investors, founders, and company representatives from various sectors. In this way, it is of mutual benefit - companies benefit from the fresh, innovative ideas of our students, and our students from the experience of companies.

For our students, we implement comprehensive content across all faculties that is relevant to starting a business. In various courses such as "Technopreneurship", "Business Plan" or "5-Euro Business", they develop solutions to actual innovation requirements from business and society. In addition to completing their studies, they thus generate valuable input for regional companies and specify their own innovative business ideas.


We see ourselves as part of a regional innovation ecosystem in which a special opportunity lies in strategically oriented partnerships. The Institute is an innovation driver in this context, as we actively approach our stakeholders, are the initiator of innovative plans and projects, and a reliable contact for impulses from business and society. The institute offers companies numerous transfer formats (such as consulting, workshop and coaching services) and also establishes access to an interdisciplinary pool of experts - depending on the certain project. Our institute thus bundles relevant competencies with access to supra-regional networks and partners. We provide the necessary regional platform and community through which an uncomplicated and targeted exchange is possible.

In addition, we transfer our competences from university education to the continuing education of intrapreneurs and innovators from companies. For this purpose, we adapt our extensive treasure trove of courses and educational content to corporate continuing education and thus offer companies and employees the opportunity to acquire important qualifications or to adapt them to the latest standards.

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